March 15 - April 9, 2021

We challenge extraordinary entrepreneurs to create ventures at the intersection of impact and ROI.

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Problems Worth Tackling

The pressing demands of climate change are felt most acutely in issues related to water. From water scarcity to pollution to extreme climate events and strains on water infrastructure, climate change intensifies existing threats to our supplies of safe, clean water.

Tackling wicked problems* at the intersection of climate and water is perhaps one of the most foundational calls to action in the 21st century.

*Wicked problems are those problems that resist definitive formulation and are difficult to solve due to incomplete, contradictory and changing requirements; they were first defined in the seminal paper “Dilemmas in a General Theory of Planning” in 1973.

The Wicked Problems

The entrepreneurs in our upcoming program will be challenged to develop scalable, market-based solutions in the areas of:

Climate Events

How might we reduce the harm and disruption caused by the extreme events made more dangerous and frequent as a result of our changing climate?


How might we provide water to those who need it and protect or enhance water supply sources in response to the growing pressures of climate change?


How might we create resilient water infrastructure in the face of growing demand and climate change threats?

Quality & Safety

How might we safeguard water quality amidst climate change challenges to provide clean, safe water to all users?

About the Program

Our 4-week virtual program is designed to help experienced entrepreneurs find and pursue massive opportunities at the intersection of impact and ROI.  We surround them with an unparalleled network of subject matter experts, skilled startup professionals, and highly experienced advisors to vastly accelerate the process of finding "founder opportunity fit".

Together, our participants engage in a proven process of opportunity discovery to generate real-world, market-based solutions to complex water and climate problems.

Why You

You recognize that entrepreneurs have a key role to play in addressing wicked problems, and are ready to engage in the launch new of ventures that tackle the water and climate challenges facing us today.

How You Can Participate

There are several ways you can join the program:

  • Are you an experienced entrepreneur? Participate as a Prospective CEO to discover your next opportunity and launch a new venture.

  • Are you a professional or consultant interested in learning more about entrepreneurship and expanding your network? Participate as a Specialist or Fellow to support the launch of a new venture.

  • Are you an organization or individual subject matter expert working in an area related to water or climate? Sign up to be a Sponsor or Validator and share your knowledge.

Work With Us

"My time in X Genesis was one of the most transformative I’ve had in my career. The program gives Prospective CEOs a highly efficient and cost effective way to explore a complex problem, pinpoint a subset of the problem where there’s opportunity to innovate, and test ideas and solutions that could be profitable ventures. The X Genesis experience and network will continue to shape my life and work for the foreseeable future."

Celena Green
Founder at FoundRE

"With overwhelming intellectual resource, competent support, validation tools, and support, X Genesis has helped me launch my next, and we expect, most impactful venture."

Jason Zuker
CEO at Botx Solutions Inc

"The outcomes of the program far exceeded my expectations. Not only was I empowered to address 'wicked problems', I was enabled to do so with the network of people provided by X Genesis."

Bryon Bhagwandin
CEO of Recalibrate

"My current startup, Apostrophe, was born directly out of the program and what I learned and experienced there. It was very impactful for me."

Cheryl Kellond
CEO of Apostrophe Health

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About X Genesis

X Genesis leads entrepreneurs to found companies the world desperately needs. Our programs and tools, born of decades of experience in the trenches, support transformative entrepreneurial journeys that lead to better entrepreneurs, better companies, and a better world. Our unique process brings together the right people to focus on the right problems at the right time.
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Join us as we kick off our virtual program tackling water & climate issues


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